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Fun Spanish for Children with Songs, Stories, Karaoke, Videos, and Activities

Free Report: "10 Ways to Learn Spanish"

How to teach Preschool Spanish


Essential Skills Children Need to Learn Spanish

This short video discusses four essential skills children need in order to learn Spanish.  It also presents six principles for successfully teaching preschool Spanish.

The skills and principles apply to learning at home or in a classroom setting.

This second video provides an overview the three different Spanish Champs learning kits and how they develop the four essential skills. 

Highlights from the Starter Kit, the Deluxe Kit and the Curriculum Kit demonstrate that with the proper resources and plan, teaching Spanish is fun and easy

Spanish Champs programs follow the six teaching principles presented in the first video using  coordinated songs, games, stories, videos, karaoke, coloring and dynamic activities.  
To learn more about the Spanish Champs resources, please visit the Preschool Spanish Curriculum tab where a more detailed look at each of the resources is provided.

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