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How to teach Preschool Spanish

Preschool is the perfect time to begin learning Spanish. This page is intended to give school administrators, teachers, and parents a solid introduction on how to teach Preschool Spanish, including some useful examples of resources. 

Spanish Champs has been teaching since 2005, beginning with Spanish summer camps for children five and older, and later, family Spanish programs. These teaching experiences became the basis of the successful Spanish Champs curricula, now used by more than 1,000 preschool academies.

The page is structured as follows. (Page under construction)

Principles – Watch a 5 minute video that explains basic second language acquisition concepts. Understand which teaching strategy and resources will be most effective for your students as they build a foundation for Spanish fluency.

Teaching Strategy & Tips – Read about the ups and downs of starting and maintaining a preschool or kindergarten Spanish program from master preschool Spanish teacher, Sarah Farrell. In these two special reports, Farrell provides tips and lessons learned to help you provide your young learners with the most important pedagogical elements in your Spanish program.

Resources – Watch two short videos giving you an overview of the Spanish Champs Level 1 and Level 2 curricula. Knowing the goals of your preschool Spanish program will help you decide what resources will best fit your young learners.

Free Lesson Plans – Free sample lessons from Spanish Champs Level 1 and Level 2 curriculum, including two whole songs with accompanying story book pages. These free resources will help you understand the design of an effective Preschool Spanish program.

 Part 1: Principles for Teaching Preschool Spanish

This short video discusses four essential skills children need in order to learn Spanish.  It also presents six principles for successfully teaching preschool Spanish.

The skills and principles apply to learning at home or in a classroom setting.

Part 2: Teaching Strategy & Tips


Spanish Champs released a new informative report from curriculum designer and master preschool Spanish teacher Sarah Farrell.

In the report, Farrell shares nine “Lessons Learned” from her many years as a Spanish teacher. These lessons will help others who are launching a preschool Spanish program or wanting to improve their existing Spanish program.

To get your free copy click the report cover on the left.


In the report, Farrell shares her tips for starting a preschool Spanish program, which may seem like an intimidating task for those who have never taught a foreign language in the classroom. These tips will help others who are launching a preschool Spanish program or wanting to improve their existing Spanish program.

To get your free copy click the report cover on the left.


This report gives an overview of how to teach preschool Spanish. 

Part 3: Preschool Spanish Resources

This video provides an overview the three different Spanish Champs Level 1 learning kits and how they develop the four essential skills. 

Highlights from the Starter Kit, the Deluxe Kit and the Curriculum Kit demonstrate that with the proper resources and plan, teaching Spanish is fun and easy

Spanish Champs programs follow the six teaching principles presented in the first video using  coordinated songs, games, stories, videos, karaoke, coloring and dynamic activities.  


This video provides an overview of the Spanish Champs Level 2 resources and shows what is in each of the three kits: Starter, Deluxe, and Curriculum. Like the Level 1 resources, Level 2 builds the four essential skills by using the six principles. 

Part 4: Free Sample Lesson Plans

(Coming Soon)

For a more detailed look at the Spanish Champs resources, please visit the Preschool Spanish Curriculum tab.

If you want to see a comparison of the three different types of Spanish Champs Kits based on your learning goals, please click the button below. This page also includes a description of how to know if you are ready for Spanish Champs Level 2.