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Preschool Spanish Lessons

Worried about starting a Spanish program in your home or classroom? Not sure where to begin? Try out these  free, downloadable sample lessons from Spanish Champs which will ease your worry and give you the confidence you need to implement a fun and dynamic Spanish program. Detailed lesson plans will give you step-by-step instructions on each lesson, along with an original Spanish Champs song and illustration sheet. Download now and your young learners will be singing and speaking Spanish in no time!

This page includes several complete lessons from Spanish Champs Level 1 and Level 2 Curriculum. Click each icon to download the selected media.

Level 1, Lesson 1—Hola!

level-1-lesson-1-songs.jpg level-1-lesson-1-songs2.jpg level-1-lesson-1-songs3.jpg

Level 1, Lesson 3—Colors

level-1-lesson-3.jpg level-1-lesson-32.jpg level-1-lesson-33.jpg

 Level 1, Lesson 11—Body

level-1-lesson-11.jpg level-1-lesson-112.jpg level-1-lesson-113.jpg

Level 2, Lesson 1—Friends

level-2-lesson-1.jpg level-2-lesson-14.jpg level-2-lesson-13.jpg

Level 2, Lesson 5—Describing A Monster

level-2-lesson-5.jpg level-2-lesson-52.jpg level-2-lesson-53.jpg